Behind every action we propose, there is listening and research.
Explore here some resources about the communities we work with and the market for children’s products.
Readings about native communities
Wichí Community, Salta

The Wichí communities live in the north of Argentina, in the provinces of Salta, Formosa and Chaco. Originally, they lived by gathering fruits from the woods, hunting and fishing, but today many have limited access to land and face high rates of poverty. The Wichí communities retain strong ties to nature.

There are many informations to learn more about the Wichí communities. Here you can download a list of recommendations.

“The word wichi, although it represents men, has a much broader meaning. Wichi is nature, medicine, food, sky, stars, acts, thoughts, feelings. To be a wichi is to be in favor of life.”
Graciela Piombo, in Hubo una vez en este lugar: mitos y leyendas de este lado del mundo.
In our words: articles and analysis

Opinion Article

Everyone who has a little one close to their heart knows the meaning of truly wishing well for someone’s future. If you have children in your life, a safe planet to live on is most likely among your wishes for them. However, our love for young ones is often fuelling the environmental crisis.

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Press Release

On International Youth Day, a new initiative has launched that partners with indigenous artisans and artists to create sustainable children’s products and toys.
Kurumi, which means “child” in Tupi-Guaraní, provides a way for families to learn together about indigenous cultures and biodiversity through play.

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Main findings of market research

Behind every action we propose, there is listening and research. When the idea for Kurumi was born, we didn’t know if it was crazy or urgent. We did a survey with friends, educators and stakeholders from different parts of the world and got 212 responses. Access the summary.

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Conversation Lounge
Launch Webinar
Children and indigenous people: the opportunity of connecting the dots for a safer future

Webinar on the occasion of the International Youth Day.

Talk about the challenges of parenting in a context of environmental crisis and the opportunity to link the children’s market to the economies of indigenous communities. We launched a free children’s activity book.

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Launch Webinar
Juguetes como forma de conectar a los niños de la ciudad con el Chaco y las comunidades Wichí

Webinar on the occasion of Children’s Day in Argentina.

Talk about the Argentine Chaco, the Wichí communities and how to transform the act of giving presents to children into a tool for social and environmental change. We launched a free children’s activity book and the Kurumi initiative.

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Live Instagram
Infancia Y Cambio Climatico – cómo conectar dos grandes razones para cuidar el planeta

Parenting experts, eco-anxiety, consumption of plastic toys and sustainability. We will explore opportunities to link children to the care of the planet through connections with indigenous peoples.

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