We work with indigenous communities to create ways to give the future as a present to new generations – we are currently collaborating with Wichí communities in Salta, Argentina.
Activity Book
In this free digital Activity Book, Kurumi`s friends Sol and Nilo take young readers on an imaginary journey to meet a Wichí community in the North of Argentina. On the journey, they interact with the Wichí way of life and with the Chaco forest, learning about a cosmovision that assigns deep value to life and nature. Explore the book here.

Guidelines for parents and caretakers:
The book takes readers on an imaginary journey and has activities for each step of the way. Some activities invite readers to enter websites through the use of QR codes. We recommend that an adult reads the book with the child. It can be done in one day or over several days.

Suggested age range: 6 to 10 years old
Content: Narrative and interactive activities
How to use: digital or printed.
Number of pages: 20.

Illustrations: Reinaldo Prado; edited by the Kurumi team.
Text: Paula Ellinger.
Design: Sanny Purwin.
Text revision (English): Rebecca Zo Wittman.
Technical team: Beto Borges, Chris Van Dam, Paula Ellinger, Sanny Purwin.

At the end of the journey, we invite readers to take action.
Learn here about some ways to collaborate!

What do our readers say?

Nick Anderson (7 years old) finding the way from his town to a Wichí community, in Salta.

The squares helped to draw the tree from the Chaco.

A memory of the journey by Sophie Anderson (10 years old).

Toys & Treats
Chaguar Mobiles
The mobiles are woven in chaguar fibers and naturally dyed. The contrast between colors, together with the lightness of movement of the different pieces, help develop attention and concentration on babies through a visual and kinetic experience.
Weaved basket
The small baskets woven in chaguar fiber are light and well-ventilated, besides being resistant. For babies, they can work as recipients to store cotton and other hygiene items used in changing diapers. When babies grow up, the baskets can store small toys.
The playful paintings made by artists from Misión Chaqueña are an excellent alternative to decorate children’s rooms. The colorful portrait of an outdoors daily life opens the doors of creativity to imagine great adventures, helping develop emotions, attention and connection between the child and the storyteller.
Singing Frog
Musical instruments raise a lot of interest among children. More than just a beautiful hand-carved toy animal, this little frog is a musical instrument that awakens sensibility and musical interest. Children will have a great time with family making sounds on the wood.
Animal Puzzle
Puzzles are very popular among children. This beautiful mosaic of 12 colorful wooden pieces represents animals from the Chaco and helps build imagination. The game helps develop logical reasoning, motor coordination skills and concentration, while inviting children for an exciting adventure with animals from the forest.
Chaguar Dolls
The dolls woven in chaguar fiber are beautiful and delicate. The first friends of our little ones are ideal to decorate rooms or for everyday play. Made with natural colors, they represent various aspects of the Wichí culture and bring a smile to any child.