When we act together, we are more creative and reach bigger changes.

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Donate to a local organization
There are many organizations that work defending the rights of indigenous communities from the Chaco. Learn more about some Wichí organizations or organizations that work with the Wichí in Salta, Argentina, and get in touch with them to donate.
Organización Zonal Wichi Tch´Ot Lhamejenpe
Rivadavia Banda Norte, Salta
Organización Comunitaria Wichi Lewetes Kalehi
Los Baldes
Asociación Civil Tepeyac
Collaborate with Kurumi
If you represent a company that works with children as a target group, we can work together to reduce your ecological footprint and offer presents with future. Get in touch with us.

If you are member of an indigenous community, we can work together in creating products and services for children. Send us information about your community.

If you are young and want to gain professional experience, send us your CV to join our team. We are looking for volunteers in communication, translation and research.
If you are a teacher, writer, designer or simply want to make things for the planet, you can collaborate and co-design `presents with future´.