We are living an age of climate crisis, massive extinction of species and forest destruction. We will leave a huge ecological footprint to our descendants.
When the idea of Kurumi was born to respond to this problem, we were not sure if it was craziness or urgency. We decided it was an urgency.
Our Mission
We are living through many crises – sanitary, economic and environmental. All of them are reflected in the way in which the new generations are growing – with a huge ecological footprint, limited connection to nature, many threats to their future and a collection of fears. Transforming this context into ways to care for the planet is key to raising people that believe in the future and in the power of each one of us to change the world.
With this purpose started Kurumi, an initiative to create sustainable gifts that inspire the coming generations. Kurumi, which means child in Tupi-Guaraní, exists to connect people who look for gifts with a social and environmental purpose to communities that look for ways to access markets in conditions of more equity.

Together with indigenous artisans and artists, designers and educators, designs and recommends products made by indigenous communities, with sustainable and safe materials, sowing care for the planet and respect for traditional cultures. Furthermore Kurumi aims to foster the discussion and analysis about how the toys industry can turn into a driving force for a more sustainable future.
Kurumi emerged in 2019 and in august 2020 made its first launch with a line of actions that connects children to the Wichí communities in Argentina. We are on our first steps and open for dialogue, partnerships and collaboration. If you want to learn more, get in touch with us.

Our Team
Paula Ellinger is a mother, facilitator of social processes and climate change expert, passionate about co-creating solutions to social and environmental problems. She holds a BA in International Relations, a MA in Local Development and has studied design thinking and cognitive psychology.
Sanny Purwin is an aunt and sustainability designer. She graduated in design with an emphasis on education for peace and child development. Based on her technical expertise in circular design, Sanny seeks for solutions to develop more responsible products.
Barbara Lorenzo is mother of Ian and Milo. Entrepreneur, therapeutic escort, Bach flower consultant, freelance writer and doula.

Kurumi Partners

VinculARTE is an initiative based in Salta (northwest Argentina) that promotes artcrafts from indigenous and peasant communities who have difficulties accessing markets in conditions of equity. Artcrafts that are sold at VinculARTE support the sustainable use of threatened resources, like chaguar, palo santo, palo borracho and carandillo, and contribute to care for the traditions and knowledge of these communities, as well as for the ecosystems where they live (like the Yungas and Chaco Forest). VinculARTE works with 14 Wichí, Chané, Pilagá and Kolla communities from Salta, Formosa and Jujuy.

VinculARTE is co-developing with Kurumi the first collection of products for children made in partnership with Wichí artisans in Salta – the “Friends of the Forest” collection.


For two decades, Forest Trends has pioneered the idea that recognizing the economic value of our forests and natural ecosystems is one of the most powerful incentives for sustaining them. We work to protect critical ecosystems through creative environmental finance, markets, supply chains, and other incentive mechanisms. We build diverse coalitions with governments, local and indigenous communities, and business to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and benefit from conservation.


The Communities and Territorial Governance Program of Forest Trends has been supporting Kurumi since the beginning, inspiring the approach with indigenous communities and advising the initiative`s development and launch. 

Special Thanks
For developing the book “A journey to a Wichí Community”, we counted on the collaboration and revision of experts, to whom we are deeply thankful: Luis Maria de la Cruz, Miguel Castro, Melisa Tejerina, Silvia Eugenia Molina de Bertea. The inspiration have been the Wichí communities in Salta – Misión Salím, Misión Chaqueña and Pozo del Tigre, who welcomed us on our field trip in february 2020. Chris Van Dam was our guide and Forest Trends supported the travel.

We have also had the great help of friends and family, without whom this book would have not been possible: Martin, Yanina, Rebecca W., Rebecca M., Marcia, Carolina, Leandro, Vera, Paula, Paz, Vicky, Belén, Ana, Vivian y tantos otros.

For building our website, we had the support of Martín López, and the institutional video has been produced by Raissa Albuquerque. Some of the pictures we use were a contribution by Antonio Trombetta. The Kurumi section at VinculARTE website is by Maria Macarena Salinas.